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How it all began...

Most developers started with nothing, usually with the idea of creating something great - and nothing more.

With time opportunities revealed themselves and you learned new skills, new programming languages. If you continue this idea of growth you can see a bright future. You can become a CEO of a giant development firm. Who knows, maybe you will pile riches with ease.

If you don't want to wait for that to happen, this game will lead you through all those experiences in a classical clicker game.

In-depth explanation

In this clicker game a new ressource is added. With upgraded actions you gain SKILL, which has an influence on the probability of success. Just like knowledge determines your success in real life programming. If you don't succeed with an action you will lose half of what you would have gained. This means that you CAN in fact lose. If you do, don't worry, you can start from scratch again. :D

Every action (sentential calculus, assembler and c# programming, working with a small dev group and leading a programming company) has four upgrades representing ways of getting better in each task: trial and error, video tutorials, participating at a Ludum Dare and professional support.

In order to successfully "complete" the game we want you to get to 1.000.000!

All of this follows just one big goal: piling money as much as possible!

PS: Don't worry if your upgrades don't show the time saving any more. Unfortunately I had no time getting the formatting to the point where there are no visual bugs. That may get changed in a future version :D


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